Supporters And Partners


Supporters and Partners in the RDNS HomeCare Community

RDNS HomeCare is proud to have a number of supporters and partners throughout the community. They each play an important role in helping us provide the best range of services, opportunities and information to you, our community members.

Bowls Australia

Partnering with RDNS HomeCare to run the Be Healthy Program in Bowls Clubs around Australia

Maggie Beer Foundation

Endorsing RDNS HomeCare’s Be Healthy session ‘You only get out what you put in’

The Maggie Beer Foundation is delighted to join with RDNS HomeCare to provide recipes and nutritional knowledge to those in the community to support healthy ageing. Through the Be Healthy series of educational sessions offered by RDNS HomeCare, MBF hopes to encourage everyone (young, old and in between!) to enjoy quality, seasonal cooking every day.

The Maggie Beer Foundation was established in 2014 with one purpose – to improve the food experience for everyone as they age. The nutritional welfare of the Australia’s ageing population (particularly those in aged care homes) has been an ongoing concern of Maggie’s for a long time and she is so happy to finally have found the time and people to support her passion. In fellowship with her board of industry leaders, professors and health advisors, Maggie has made it her personal mission to link the latest research of nutrition’s impact on brain health and general wellbeing, with her innate knowledge of what good food can do for everyone’s state of mind; a truly nourishing mix, so much greater than the sum of its parts.


Sponsoring selected RDNS HomeCare Be Healthy sessions

AudioClinic is supporting RDNS HomeCare to provide ‘Master your mind’ Be Healthy Sessions to Australian communities.

AudioClinic is part of a global hearing healthcare group that has been restoring the joys of hearing for over 100 years. We are one of Australia’s leading providers of hearing services with an extensive network of clinics across the country.

We believe the restoration of good hearing will change your life. After attending our clinics and having a hearing check-up, we often see the joy when people re-connect with the world around them. That’s why we make it our mission to be Australia’s first choice for premium hearing care.


Sponsoring selected RDNS HomeCare Be Healthy sessions

TENA are excited to be partnering with RDNS HomeCare to deliver quality and informative education sessions to the community.  TENA are committed to ensuring that all Australians are informed about bladder weakness, its causes, cures and management so that everyone can enjoy life to the fullest.

TENA is a leader in continence product innovation and services. We are passionate about improving the quality of everyday life for those who are living and working with incontinence.  Our commitment is to continually develop continence and skin care technology that delivers superior performance and quality.

With over 4.6 million people in Australia experiencing some form of incontinence we recognise that every carer, recipient and provider is different and one size does not fit all, we are committed to finding the right solution and product for everyone and offer continual education and training for those charged with giving continence advice.

Smith & Nephew

Sponsoring selected RDNS HomeCare Be Healthy sessions

Smith & Nephew is pleased to be supporting RDNS HomeCare to deliver ‘Keeping your skin healthy’ Be Healthy Sessions in Australian communities.

Over many years, Smith & Nephew has been a supplier of wound care dressings to RDNS Homecare.  Education is provided to ensure nurses and patients are fully informed and can utilise the full product range to deliver the best results possible.  The relationship between Smith & Nephew and RDNS Homecare is a respectful partnership with our joint focus being the wellbeing of each RDNS HomeCare client.

Smith & Nephew is a global business with a focus on surgical and wound care, founded in the UK in 1856 and established in Australia in 1950.  For over 150 years, they have provided high quality pioneering products that help to prevent and heal wounds, to improve wellbeing and deliver better results for patients.