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RDNS HomeCare at NSW Seniors Festival Expo 2017

NSW Seniors Festival has kicked off and RDNS HomeCare is part of it once again. This year’s Expo (7th – 8th of March) is geared up to be the best yet with helpful information, giveaways and prizes. Consumer Directed Care At the end of February the Consumer Directed Care changes to home care came into full […]

Navigating changes to Home Care

The Australian Governments Consumer Directed Care (CDC) initiative will improve the quality of care delivered to you by ensuring you have more choice – Here’s what it means for you. Whether your Home Care Package includes help with cleaning and the garden, delivery of meals, assistance with shopping or even in home computer lessons, Consumer […]

Portion Distortion

Get to know your food and how to get the most out of it. Serving the right portions sizes will ensure you are fuelled up and feeling fabulous. How many serves of vegetables should you have per day? There are different serves for men (6) and women (5). Sorry guys more broccolis for you! But […]

The Truth About Carbs

  Here are some facts and myths about carbs and how healthy carbs can contribute to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrates are bad for you – FALSE Healthy carbohydrates are a necessary part of your diet, and they can provide a variety of health benefits. You can get other important nutrients from carbohydrate-rich foods, […]

Top Tips for Creating an Appetite for Life

Together with the Maggie Bear Foundation, RDNS HomeCare and presents our top tips for growing, buying and preparing food that is not only nutritious but also practical and delicious. Try growing your own produce, even if it’s fresh herbs like basil or parsley Explore your local farmers markets Have a basic pantry filled with staples […]