RDNS HomeCare and Consumer Directed Care

RDNS has a long tradition of prioritising our clients’ health and wellbeing. We aim to assist all our clients enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle. A particular focus is helping people who wish to remain living at home to do so.

We help establish a care plan that’s right for you

If you’re receiving a Home Care Package, this will be delivered on a Consumer Directed Care basis. The first step is to form a plan for the delivery of your package, called a care plan. To establish your care plan, RDNS staff will help you to identify your lifestyle goals, such as independence or wellness. These goals will form the basis of your care plan, alongside your professionally assessed care needs.

Once your goals and needs have been established, the team at RDNS will work with you to determine the best mix of care and services possible to help facilitate the lifestyle you wish to lead. Your care plan will also outline the level of involvement you or your family wish to have in the management of your own care and services.

We review and maintain your care plan so that it continues to meet your needs

From here, RDNS will provide you with a personalised budget, clearly showing how much funding is available each month for each of the services you require. This way, you can see how the money from your Home Care Package is being spent.

RDNS will work with you to regularly monitor and review each part of your care plan to ensure it remains suited to your needs as time passes. We will provide you with your own professional case manager, around-the-clock support and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re supported by Australia’s oldest and most awarded provider of home nursing and support services.

To find out more

For further information about Consumer Directed Care please contact our Community Navigator team on 1300 616 956.