What does Consumer Directed Care mean for me?

The aim of Consumer Directed Care is to improve quality of life for the consumers of Home Care Packages.

If you are currently receiving a Home Care Package, delivered either by RDNS or another provider, your care will already be delivered on a Consumer Directed Care basis. This means that you have a high level of choice, control, flexibility and transparency regarding the care you receive.

Whether your Home Care Package includes help with cleaning and the garden, delivery of meals, assistance with shopping or even in-home computer lessons, Consumer Directed Care means you are able to develop your goals and tailor your package to help maintain your preferred lifestyle.

One of the most important aspects of this increased flexibility is that you can determine the level of involvement you wish to have in managing your Home Care Package. You may want to be heavily involved, for example coordinating your own care and services. Alternatively, you may wish to take a less active role in the management of your Home Care Package and a case manager will be there to support you.

Other benefits of Consumer Directed Care include:

  • More information is provided to you about how much is in your Home Care Package budget. This has led to consumers having a greater understanding of how their budget is being used.
  • Monitoring of Home Care Packages and regular reviews to ensure the package remains appropriate for you. RDNS proudly assists both existing and new clients with reviewing your care plan to ensure your Home Care Package benefits are being maximised.


To find out more

For further information about Consumer Directed Care please contact our Community Navigator team on 1300 616 956.