What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care is a new approach to the provision of care and support services in Australia. It was initially introduced in 2013. Now Home Care Packages are delivered on a Consumer Directed Care basis.

Consumer Directed Care is a way of delivering services that focuses on you as an individual. It is designed to ensure that you have more choice about which services you receive through your Home Care Package, and how those services are delivered.

Benefits of Consumer Directed Care

The increased choice that Consumer Directed Care offers delivers many benefits. Consumer Directed Care means:

  • You can have more say in the care and services you access, including how they are delivered, when they are delivered and by whom.
  • You can work with a community organization care provider such as RDNS to tailor a wide range of services, including assistance with housekeeping, home maintenance and home nursing services and transport.
  • Together with an RDNS Case Manager, you can be supported in taking up social and fitness activities, visiting friends and taking up new interests.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to directly coordinate services and activities that you require without the assistance of a Case Manager if that suits you better.

Overall, Consumer Directed Care aims to help improve the quality of care delivered to you by increasing empowerment and control.


Eligibility is determined based on your support needs, which are assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Service. Assessments are free and can be arranged through My Aged Care, the government’s aged care portal, on 1800-200-422.

Even more control for you, the consumer

In 2017 Home Care Packages will be allocated directly to consumers, meaning you will have more choice around which service provider you use and the type of care you receive.

To find out more

For further information about Consumer Directed Care please contact our Community Navigator team on 1300 616 956.