Navigator helpline services

Navigating Australia’s health and aged care system can be a complex and stressful process. RDNS HomeCare has a range of free helpline services so you can access aged care information and advice quickly and easily.

Our three dedicated Navigator helpline services provide tailored health and aged care advice for everyday people, Veteran’s and health professionals.

When you call an RDNS HomeCare Navigator Service, our Navigators can help you:
• Find easy-to-understand information about health or aged care.
• Make informed health and wellbeing decisions.
• Understand how to get access to health or aged care services.
• Determine your eligibility for funded services.
• Navigate the government’s My Aged Care website.
• and much more.

Call a Navigator helpline service today let us do the hard work for you.

Community Navigator Service
RDNS HomeCare values and supports diverse and thriving communities and we want to make sure that information about health and aged care is easily accessible to everyone. This dedicated help line is for the everyday person. It’s for you, your family, friends and the whole community.
Call 1300 616 956 or download a PDF flyer 

Veteran Community Navigator Service
We understand and respect that veterans, widows and their families have often experienced life changing events that can be difficult to deal with. With this in mind, Navigators at the Veteran Navigator Service are equipped with the knowledge and experience to support your needs. Our experience working in the health care sector and our close working relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs also helps us to effectively support you.
Call 1300 617 021 or download a PDF flyer 

Health Professional Navigator Service
RDNS HomeCare can support health professionals to provide optimal care for their patients with this dedicated helpline. Our Navigators will help simplify the process of accessing tailored aged care for your patients. We will work with you to provide health and wellbeing information so you can both make informed decisions. Whether your patient needs help navigating the My Aged Care website or they just need help at home, we’re here to support you both.
Call 1300 616 843 or download a PDF flyer